What is Wonderful.org?

Wonderful.org is a free online fundraising platform for anyone wishing to raise money for a registered UK charity. Fundraisers and charities choose Wonderful.org to ensure that every penny raised as part of a fundraising event or challenge reaches the charity.

Why we don't take cards

We do not take a percentage of funds raised, ask for tips, or do anything that prevents 100% of donations going to the causes that charity supporters are so passionate about. We are inspired and driven by that passion.

Making a donation

Making a payment via Wonderful - whether as a consumer or a charity donor - needs to feel safe and secure. Wonderful is an FCA Authorised Payment Institution leveraging the speed, security and simplicity of Open Banking.

Donation issue? Who to contact.

If things are going quite as you anticipated when making a donation, we're here to help. But first, let's check at exactly which point you ran into a problem. This will really help us to provide the fastest resolution.

Can donations be refunded?

Wonderful does not offer refunds for donations. This is because the money is passed directly from a donor’s account to a charity’s account, meaning Wonderful Payments does not have access to the funds.

Transaction receipts

Yes, and the secure payment is usually visible instantly on your mobile/online banking app. The payment for your donation will be visible instantly within your mobile/online banking app.

Do I need online / mobile banking?

The simplest way to make a payment using Wonderful (an Authorised Payment Institution with the Financial Conduct Authority) is via your mobile banking app. Without entering any payee details, we initiate an instant bank payment on your behalf.