Wonderful Payments API

Integrate Wonderful Payments into your online checkout with our public API. This short article will provide all the information you need to start taking Open Banking payments, slash costs and benefit from instant settlement.

Generate a payment QR code

Creating a QR payment link with the "One by Wonderful" app really couldn't be more straightforward. But you might want to think about what kind of payment link you want (one-off, multiple use, order information). Our quick guide will help.

How much will I save?

Our highly predictable, transparent and aggressive fee structure, typically saving merchants more than 90% on transaction fees is a simple, secure alternative to debit and credit cards. It also includes instant settlement.

Enterprise integrations

Wonderful's instant bank payment service can be integrated with your checkout. Our public API will be released shortly. Contact our team to find out how much we can save your enterprise business on transaction processing fees.

WooCommerce Plugin Installation

Ready to start saving BIG on transaction fees? Read our step by step guide to downloading and installing the Wonderful Payments instant bank payments WooCommerce extension for WordPress. Powered by Open Banking. Delivered by Wonderful - an FCA Authorised Payment Institution.