Create a fundraising page

If you're new to and are setting up your first fundraising page for a charity, this quick guide will explain everything you need to know. The great thing about Wonderful is that every donation you receive is passed directly to the charity in full - and instantly.

What is is a free online fundraising platform for anyone wishing to raise money for a registered UK charity. Fundraisers and charities choose to ensure that every penny raised as part of a fundraising event or challenge reaches the charity.

Supported payment types

Whenever someone makes a donation on a fundraising page, the payment is transferred directly from the donor's bank account to the charity's bank account. This process is known as an instant bank transfer and is made possible by Open Banking.

Tickets, events, raffles

HMRC has specific restrictions as to whether Gift Aid can be applied / claimed if the donor is receiving a 'benefit' in return for the donation (such as admission to an event, a raffle ticket, or an item purchased in an auction).

How to create a fundraising page

Get started by creating a wonderful page for your fundraising efforts. Once you've created your fundraising account at you'll be able to create fundraising pages for any charity listed on the platform.

Posting fundraising page updates

Wonderful fundraisers can post regular updates on their fundraising pages via their online accounts at These updates will appear on the public-facing page so that everyone can see what's been happening.

Replying to donation messages

When donors make a donation to a Wonderful fundraising page they are able to include their name and a public message of encouragement for the fundraiser. Both of these are optional.

Distance tracking and Strava

Wonderful fundraisers can set distance goals as part of their fundraising challenge. It might be that you're training for a marathon and want your supporters to see your training progress.