Donation issue? Who to contact.

Kimberley Smith - 30th Aug, 2023

If things are going quite as you anticipated when making a donation, we're here to help. But first, let's check at exactly which point you ran into a problem. This will really help us to provide the fastest resolution.

When you make a donation with Wonderful you start on Wonderful's screens (selecting an amount, applying Gift Aid, selecting your bank) and then you are automatically connected to your bank to securely complete your payment.

If you're experiencing an issue whilst you are on Wonderful's screens, such as when filling in our donation form, please do not hesitate to contact us right away using the live chat messenger at the bottom of this screen.

However, if you are experiencing an issue at the bank stage (after being handed over to your online/mobile banking service) we advise you to contact your bank directly, at least in the first instance. Once you have received a response from your bank, please contact us.

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Instant bank payments

Featured FAQs

How much will I save?

Our highly predictable, transparent and aggressive fee structure, typically saving merchants more than 90% on transaction fees is a simple, secure alternative to debit and credit cards. It also includes instant settlement.

Enterprise integrations

Wonderful's instant bank payment service can be integrated with your checkout. Our public API will be released shortly. Contact our team to find out how much we can save your enterprise business on transaction processing fees.

Why we don't take cards

We do not take a percentage of funds raised, ask for tips, or do anything that prevents 100% of donations going to the causes that charity supporters are so passionate about. We are inspired and driven by that passion.

Payment security

Payments made through Wonderful are simple, fast and secure. Wonderful is an Authorised Payment Institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and uses Open Banking to facilitate payment initiation.